Software to convert EML to PST that takes accountability

Converting EML to PST without any assistance on your own is quite possible now, anyone just has to have access to Mail Extractor Pro. This tool by USL software specializes in conversion of data into PST format, from EML, apple mail, Thunderbird and several other mail clients. It comes with various advanced features that aid in proper conversion along with comfort and special care for data safety.

convert eml to pst

Enjoy inbuilt facilities for smooth EML to PST conversion

What severely affects how the process of EML to Outlook PST conversion will go and what the output will turn out like is the quality of the software used. As this one is built and upgraded along the lines of client needs, all of its features are designed to make the conversion lighter and faster. Distinguishing it from other software tools is its capacity to split files, to convert data without needing mbox archives and to convert data in the mac itself. These and several other features combine to provide the most luxurious mail conversion experience to even beginners.

Get results faster

This is the right software for those who cannot wait for the results yet would not like to bargain on the quality of the conversion. EML to Outlook Mail conversion takes just a fraction of the usual amount of time taken as it converts data in the mac itself. That facility means that one does not have to transfer data to windows first, thereby saving large amounts of time.

Another amazing feature that saves time for the user is the capacity of this software to convert data in bulk. In a single batch one gets to convert several files, so converting files does not take much time.

Preserves attachments and nested messages along with Unicode

All types of content can be processed by this software without fail. Large or complex attachment files would need no extra task for conversion, same goes for deeply rooted messages.

Certain files contain Unicode as they might use non-English languages. Certain languages utilize double-byte characters, this holds true for languages like Korean, Japanese and Chinese. This software is Unicode compatible, so no extra effort is required to keep such files safe.

Keeps folder hierarchy properly stacked

After the conversion is complete it can be quite a task to locate files if they are kept without order. If you are a user of this software then you would not have to face that, as this software makes sure that the folders and subfolders are properly arranged in a hierarchical order.

Free of bugs

When a software has a bug it will perform below standard and will affect the safety of your data. This software is free of bugs, so one does not have to think about slowdown of conversion or lowering of the quality of conversion.

Get the EML to PST conversion service for free with a demo version of this software, you will get a link for it below. The link to the full version with advanced features is also available.


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